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Recruiting New Bloggers for 2017!

The Korean Cultural Centre is recruiting the 2017 cohort of contributing bloggers for the ‘Korea-Canada Blog’. Launched in 2013, the ‘Korea-Canada Blog’ is an online hub for special storytellers who want to share their experiences of Korea, discover unknown stories of Korea-Canada relations, and tell its readers how […]

Courtesy of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Hallyu Association of Canada, Changwon City, and KBS.

Canada’s Got Talent

Nothing beats the summer heat like going to a concert and cheering until your head is numb and voice gives out, especially if the music you were listening to was K-Pop – the most infectious music in the world. I attended an event called “KPop World Festival 2015” […]


The Attic Playlist – 7 April 2015, Special Issue 05: 시간 여행 특집 (Time Travel) (Korean Music from the ’90s, 2000s)

★ Click to view previous issues: Issue 01: 시작(The Beginning), Issue 02: 별이 빛나는 밤(Starry Night), Issue 03: 연인(Lovers), Issue 04: 건배(Cheers!) To follow the series on Facebook, click here. ★ Hello, 안녕하세요, I’m back with issue 05 of ‘The Attic Playlist’! My name is Jiwon, and ‘The […]


Butterflies of Korea

With the arrival of summer, the parks and the woods in Korea become decorated in bright colours as butterflies awake from their cocoons and spread their newly-found wings into the air. In a country like Korea where the four seasons are very distinct, the summer is when the […]

Naver's webtoon site

Internet Comics in Korea- Webtoons

Many of you that are interested in Korean culture may have listened to K-pop, or watched K-dramas. The popularity of these forms of Korean culture in the global stage has been dubbed as “Hallyu,” or the “Korean wave.” Amidst the popularity of these forms of Korean culture, I […]


Pretty nails: Korean flower dye

It always seems incredible to me that so many of the ancient archeological discoveries are ornaments and body care products.  But then I look at my own stack of fashion magazines and think, why shouldn’t they be? A passion for beauty and self expression are probably just as […]


5 Korean Dishes to Tame the Summer Heat

5 Korean Dishes to Tame the Summer Heat     1)      Cold Noodle 물냉면 Mool-naeng-myeon Made naengmyun with pre packaged broth that I froze in the freezer first. Added pickled cucumber, radish, and boiled egg. Perfect for this hot day ☀️💦 #onthetable #koreanfood #homecook #homecooking #naengmyun #noodles […]