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PSY on the MMVAs

Last night was the MMVAs and, as I’m sure most of you know, PSY did not only perform twice, but he was also the co-host of the show! I’m not Korean, myself, but I felt very proud of PSY for being able to come to an all-English-speaking country, […]

Wiki Korea: les nouvelles pubs de Psy

Une campagne publicitaire organisée par la Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) vient tout juste de lancer ses premiers  vidéos Youtube et spots publicitaires mettant en vedette nul autre que Psy, le chanteur ayant fait un malheur avec la chance Gangnam Style. Les “Wiki Korea” sont des spots publicitaires de […]

5 Cliché Life Lessons You Learn From Singer Psy

5 Cliché Life Lessons You Learn From the Korean Singer Psy 1)    Be yourself, even if that means being the odd one out Look at Psy. His next-door-Kim-ajuhsshi*-look is obviously not an industry norm for the flamboyant Korean entertainment industry (compare 2PM, TVXQ, JYJ, Infinite). When he first […]