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KakaoTalk: A Revolutionary Messaging App

“Do you have KakaoTalk?” Have you ever been asked this by a Korean friend or acquaintance, but had no idea what “KakaoTalk” is? KakaoTalk, often abbreviated to “KaTalk/카톡,”  is a Korean cross-platform messaging application like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger. It is available in most smartphone platforms including […]

Do you Kakao?

The first time I heard about KakaoTalk was from a friend who had just returned from teaching English in Korea. He mentioned being “Kakaoed” and “Kakaoing” people. I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about so I finally decided to inquire about this odd new verb: […]

Seoul equivalents of your Toronto Life

Seoul equivalents of your Toronto Life Café Bene for Tim Horton’s Tim Horton’s is probably the most distinctly Canadian among all the Canadian brands. Where else would you get a double-double for less than a loonie? The Tim Horton’s of Korea would be Café Bene. When it first […]