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Canada’s Got Talent

Nothing beats the summer heat like going to a concert and cheering until your head is numb and voice gives out, especially if the music you were listening to was K-Pop – the most infectious music in the world. I attended an event called “KPop World Festival 2015” […]

han kyung woo

A Different Angle

If you have been a constant reader of my posts you might have observed how my research into Korean art led me to discover a multitude of artists preoccupied with the qualities of space surrounding us. Unlike the romanticized version of this almost introspective journey that you’d find […]

Jo In Hyuk

The Delicate Illustrations of Jo In Hyuk

A delicate representation of human nature at its best, that’s how I would describe Jo In Hyuk’s captivating illustrations. The minimalist yet powerful renditions manage to capture the fragility and beauty of youth caught in an all consuming space situated somewhere in between the innocence of childhood and […]

artwork by Sun K. Kwak

How To See Things Differently

I find myself constantly amazed at Korean modern artists and their unique perception of the world. Their preoccupation with notions of space and physics defy the limitations of art while at the same time creating a bridge between the flexibility of artistic thinking and scientific method. A refreshing […]

Jee Young Lee

Who Needs Photoshop?

In the light of the strongly debated overly photoshopped imagery out there, Jee Young Lee’s photography comes in like a breath of fresh air. The recent Seoul Hongik University graduate is presently considered one of the most promising and talked about modern Korean artists, differentiating herself from the […]