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The Match That Changed History and Me

On June 17th, 2015, the Republic of Korea women’s national football team made history by earning their spot in the Round of 16 in FIFA Women’s World Cup. This was their second appearance (first one being in 2003) and although they fought valiantly against France today (June 21st), […]

Korean women’s beauty routine

The skin care industry is notoriously recession-proof. According to Euromonitor International, this industry even grew during the global recession between 2007 and 2011, by an addition of $15 billion to reach a value of $96.5 billion in total. And I’m betting that the Korean women were among the […]

Pretty nails: Korean flower dye

It always seems incredible to me that so many of the ancient archeological discoveries are ornaments and body care products.  But then I look at my own stack of fashion magazines and think, why shouldn’t they be? A passion for beauty and self expression are probably just as […]

Eating flower cakes (Hwajeon)

Spring has sprung With the abundance Of blossoming flowers I think the poet of this poem – Scott Austin is the name – would have loved Hwajeon, a traditional Korean cake made with flowers which captures the romance of the spring blossoms.  I saw them at the Korea Food Day […]

Paper face masks: A Korean beauty secret

They are hard to miss. From neighbourhood corner stores to luxury department stores, virtually everywhere you go in Korea you will see mounds of these. On the streets of busy shopping districts like Myongdong, sometimes they are even handed out for free. These are facial masks, or face […]