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KPOP Battle of the Beasts: Shinhwa vs. 2PM

KPOP 2013 Battle of the Beasts: Similarities of Shinhwa & 2PM   Shinhwa’s 11th album: The Classic May 16, two of the most popular boy-groups of our generation made a comeback: Shinhwa, Korea’s longest lasting idol group with member’s average age being 34.5, and 2PM, currently the hottest […]

5 Cliché Life Lessons You Learn From Singer Psy

5 Cliché Life Lessons You Learn From the Korean Singer Psy 1)    Be yourself, even if that means being the odd one out Look at Psy. His next-door-Kim-ajuhsshi*-look is obviously not an industry norm for the flamboyant Korean entertainment industry (compare 2PM, TVXQ, JYJ, Infinite). When he first […]

Capital City K-Pop Takeover

On Saturday February 2nd, Korean DJ’s Jaybe Park and VJ Gee shook up the capital city’s downtown core with some of Korea’s top pop artists. The DJ’s were set up right in front of Ottawa City Hall where a giant Kpop dance party was taking place. People skating […]

The Hallyu Wave Part 1: Why?

Being born, raised and currently living my teenage years here in Canada has given me the opportunity to diversify my interests. A common interest myself and many of my friends have is Kpop, to be more general, the Hallyu Wave, also referred to as the Korean Wave. When I first […]