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vegetarian pajeon recipe (korean pancakes)

Vegetarian Pajeon Recipe

My adventures in the kitchen usually consist of making a big mess, while my husband is running around with a wiping cloth, trying to contain the situation. It might sound like a chaotic ritual, but itโ€™s mostly laughter and a lot of flour flying around. Our fun for […]

Korean Food Day

The sky was overcast but the weather couldn’t dampen the festive mood. As part of the festivities of Korea Week, the Ambassador hosted Korea Food Day at his residence. The invitation merely indicated a sampling of Korean food, but it really translated into enough food to feed a […]

Pajeon on rainy days

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter. Just like the other days of winter in Vancouver, my heavy eyes slowly opened as the sound of raindrops crashing on the fragile window echoed in the morning. Appreciating the serene music of nature for few minutes, I sluggishly raised my upper body, stretching my arms […]