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Canadian Craft Beer is Popular in South Korea

Canadian craft beer brewery, Mission Springs Brewing Company, has found it’s audience all the way in South Korea. Co-owners Brock Rodgers and Ken Brookes opened Mission Springs Pub in British Columbia, Canada in 1988. While the company grew they added a brewery and restaurant in 1996. Currently, Mission […]

Restaurant Review: Boom Beer

What’s better than fried chicken? Korean Fried Chicken! If you ever had fried chicken in Korea, you know it tastes nothing like KFC or any other fast-food chains that offer it, here in Canada. There are Korean pubs or restaurants that offer Korean-style chicken, but many times it can […]

Wiki Korea: les nouvelles pubs de Psy

Une campagne publicitaire organisée par la Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) vient tout juste de lancer ses premiers  vidéos Youtube et spots publicitaires mettant en vedette nul autre que Psy, le chanteur ayant fait un malheur avec la chance Gangnam Style. Les “Wiki Korea” sont des spots publicitaires de […]