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Eating flower cakes (Hwajeon)

Spring has sprung With the abundance Of blossoming flowers I think the poet of this poem – Scott Austin is the name – would have loved Hwajeon, a traditional Korean cake made with flowers which captures the romance of the spring blossoms.  I saw them at the Korea Food Day […]

Making 파전 (Pajeon)!

Last week, I received a text from a friend of mine asking for help with her international business project. They had previously chosen a country to do a report on and this time around they had to make a video of themselves preparing a dish from that same […]

Korean Egg Roll

I’m always looking for an easy or simple side dish to make for my husband.  Poor man doesn’t get much for banchan these days! Once in a while I have a sudden brain wave and realized that I can make Gaeran Mari/계란말이  (Egg roll!).  This is quite like […]


I think any blog that talks about Korean food cannot escape, and would in fact be remiss if it did not discuss kimchi. One author describes kimchi as Korea’s national vegetable dish. Kimchi was found at every meal, including breakfast. Kimchi remains a staple of the Korean diet, […]

The Year of the Snake

The lunar New Year is around the corner! I hope that this post may inspire you to celebrate the lunar New Year Korean-style! New Year’s and Korean thanksgiving are probably the two most important holidays in Korean culture. The dates of Korean New Year and Thanksgiving do not […]