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Korea-Canada FTA is not so “cool” anymore

It has been a couple months since the Canadian and Korean governments announced the signing of Korea-Canada FTA (“KCFTA”). Later in March, the Canadian government published “Final Agreement Summary.” In the absence of an actual text, or even a draft text, currently, this Summary is the best available information that exists regarding […]

Korea and Australia formally signs a FTA

Less than a month after the announcement of completion of Korea-Canada, Korea on April 8, 2014, announced a formal signage of Korea-Australia FTA (“KAFTA”). The full text of the agreement can be found at Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. What are the implications of this deal, which was […]

Korea-Australia FTA Text Released

As reported earlier, Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement, or “KAFTA,” was agreed “in principle” in December of last year. As explained, this was a shockingly expedient act, merely 2 months after the Bali APEC, in which Korea officially set out to reach bilateral trade pacts with individual members of […]

Rumours on FTA

Over the past week, there has a number of rumours on Korea-Canada FTA. Knowing the sensitivity of this issue, in particular to the Korean Embassy in Ottawa, I will limit myself to introducing the following reports: 1. March 25, 2013: Globe and Mail reports the statement by Canada’s […]