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Alex’s Stories From Korea: The Parade

Oh, boy. This is embarrassing. I remember saying in my last post I would write another the following week. That was five months ago now. What happened? I actually moved to South Korea and now I’m living and working here as an English teacher, though hopefully I can […]


Learning Korean Slang!

Have you seen my earlier post about slang? You can find it here: Slang/Abbreviations/Emoticons [2014 Edition]   An extremely popular topic for people interested in Korea or Korean seem to be Korean slang. New slang words are constantly devised, and it seems impossible to keep up with the latest […]


Introducing CCC: Corean Canadian Creatives

Hello, 안녕하세요, it’s Jiwon. I have been writing stories since my kindergarten years. I have gone through various types of writing including radio scripts, essays, reports, and research papers, and poems and short stories continue to be my favorites. When I first came to Canada, creative writing was […]


my5 Korean Variety Shows

I’ve been watching variety programs for as long as I can remember. I’ve spent countless hours watching celebrities showing a different side of themselves just to be on air for even a brief moment. Now that I think about it, I probably should have spent those hours doing […]

Chang In Young teaches Level One (Beginners) classes at the Ganada Korean Language School in NDG. (Photo by Liz Ferguson)

My first Korean language class!

On Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015 I attended my first Korean language class. Our friendly and encouraging teacher is Chang In Young. There were just six of us last week, though our group could expand somewhat; new students are still welcome to join the class. (See below for more […]

외솔 최현배

외솔 최현배 선생 (Oesol Choe Hyeon-bae )

“한 겨레의 문화 창조의 활동은, 그 말로써 들어가며, 그 말로써 하여 가며, 그 말로써 남기나니: 이제 조선말은 줄잡아도 반만년 동안 역사의 흐름에서 조선 사람의 창조적 활동의 말미암던 길이요, 연장이요, 또, 그 성가의 축적의 끼침이다. 그러므로, 조선말의 말본을 닦아서 그 이치를 밝히며, 그 법칙을 드러내며, 그 온전한 체계를 세우는 […]


Korean Slang for Beginners

Korean slang is a popular topic on this blog. It seems that many people all over the world want to learn Korean slang, and come to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Canada’s blog for helpful tips. The following videos, photos, and text will be an […]

Bilateral Relations-page-001

2014 Fact Sheets

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea made 2014 Fact Sheets in Bilateral Relations, Economy, the Korean War, Hangeul, and Hallyu. Download them in PDF files: Click 1. Bilateral Relations 2. Economy 3. The Korean War   4. Hangeul 5. Hallyu


Korean Bibliophiles In Canada

Mother Language Newly arrived foreigners rationally are subjected to primarily English speaking environment in Canada. This includes media such as “The Listener” television drama on CTV, CBC Radio One “The World at Six”, reading the Alice Munro Nobel Prize winning short stories, or even texts and emails to […]