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Introduction South Korea is British Columbia’s fourth-largest trading partner and export destination. Between 2010 and 2012, annual exports averaged $2.18 billion while two-way trade reached $10 billion. The Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA) will eliminate tariffs on almost all of British Columbia’s key exports and provide access to […]

Korea-Canada FTA is not so “cool” anymore

It has been a couple months since the Canadian and Korean governments announced the signing of Korea-Canada FTA (“KCFTA”). Later in March, the Canadian government published “Final Agreement Summary.” In the absence of an actual text, or even a draft text, currently, this Summary is the best available information that exists regarding […]

Korea and Australia formally signs a FTA

Less than a month after the announcement of completion of Korea-Canada, Korea on April 8, 2014, announced a formal signage of Korea-Australia FTA (“KAFTA”). The full text of the agreement can be found at Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. What are the implications of this deal, which was […]

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2014 Fact Sheets

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea made 2014 Fact Sheets in Bilateral Relations, Economy, the Korean War, Hangeul, and Hallyu. Download them in PDF files: Click 1. Bilateral Relations 2. Economy 3. The Korean War   4. Hangeul 5. Hallyu


Samsung Reveals New Galaxy S5

Samsung CEO, J.K. Shin, holding the new Galaxy S5 mobile phone. The Mobile World Congress is the largest mobile industry exhibition in the world, and is held yearly to showcase new products, features, networking opportunities, and holds a four-day exposition. At this year’s Mobile World Congress, which was […]