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Five Korean Food Bloggers to Follow

For all their tasty recipes, click on these links below! @seonkyoung | Facebook | Instagram | Blog | Youtube @mykoreankitchen | Facebook | Instagram | Blog | Youtube | E-Book @chefjulieyoon | Facebook | Instagram | Blog | Youtube @beyondkimchee | Facebook | Instagram | Blog | E-Book […]


Camping: Korean Style

My husband has been hounding me for years to go camping. I am so not a camping person, so I’ve been resisting… I mean, I just could not see myself in a tent, freezing all night, cleaning dishes in cold water, not having a shower. Exactly my opposite […]


Paleo Kimbap

A few months ago, our family started eating (mostly) Paleo.  Which means, no dairy, grains, or processed food. That includes rice. Ah! My husband still eats like a regular typical human, but I try to adhere as well as I can to the plan.  My mom suffers from […]

korean fruit soju

5 Brands of Fruit Soju You Must Try This Summer

Remember how bitter-sweet Korean staple alcohol soju is? This year, a cheerful series of sweet, fruit-flavoured Soju stole the hearts and consciousness of young Koreans all across the nation. While it’s not available in Toronto yet, make sure to try them out when visiting Korea. 1. Sun Hari […]

Ramyun noodles


It’s spicy, it’s salty, it’s addictive – and apparently it boosts testosterone. Korean ramyun, the manly soup, slurped up by millions around the world in its dried instant noodle form, found in supermarkets around the globe, sold complete with a packet of seasoning and dehydrated vegetables in a disposable […]