6th Monthly Korean Movie Screening

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Korea-Canada relations and to further interest in Korean cinema, the Korean Embassy to Canada holds a monthly movie night in the Embassy’s auditorium. Invitees of the March 28th, 6th monthly movie screening, included the diplomatic community, students of the King Sejeong Institute, […]

Vancouver Fashion Week Part Two: Missha Cosmetics

Vancouver Fashion Week’s focus on international designers naturally brings in international media coverage. And with international media comes international sponsors.  This season, one of the main sponsors for Vancouver Fashion Week was Missha, a Korean cosmetics and skincare company. I have already talked about the popularity of BB creams […]

Seoul equivalents of your Toronto Life

Seoul equivalents of your Toronto Life CafĂ© Bene for Tim Horton’s Tim Horton’s is probably the most distinctly Canadian among all the Canadian brands. Where else would you get a double-double for less than a loonie? The Tim Horton’s of Korea would be CafĂ© Bene. When it first […]

This is Arirang

Korean university student organizations presented the project called ‘This is Arirang’ on March 1, 2013, in Ssamji-gil, Insa-dong, Seoul, South Korea. This projects marks The March 1st Movement or Samil Movement which was the public displays of Korean resistance against the colonial occupation of the Japanese Empire in […]

Is it a Toilet or Toy-let?

    I’m a bathroom connoisseur.   I’ve seen and used all types of washrooms throughout my travels -and I’m not just talking whirlpools, walk-ins or claw-foot tubs. I mean, come on, that stuff is for amateurs. I’m talking buckets and ladles; I’m talking about awkwardly crouching in […]

Une femme présidente en Corée du Sud

En tant que femme et maman d’une petite fille, je me sens heureuse lorsqu’un pays Ă©lit des femmes Ă  des postes de pouvoir. Peut-ĂŞtre que c’est mon cĂ´tĂ© fĂ©ministe ou tout simplement le fait de voir des modèles fĂ©minins rĂ©ussir Ă  accĂ©der Ă  des postes importants et Ă©quilibrer […]

One Chicken, Three Ways to Eat it

The restaurant I will be giving a tour of this time is called “one chicken and noodles”. This is my all-time favourite Korean restaurant! I think not a lot of foreigners know about this restaurant because it is small and not many other Korean stores are nearby. But […]

Hi! Hangeul in British Columbia

The Great Kings King Gwanggaeto the Great and King Sejong the Great are the two kings to gain the title of The Greatest King of Korea. These admirable rulers served to enhance Korea profoundly, and their accomplishments brought pride and dignity to the nation.   King Sejong the […]

Jinju Lanterns at Winterlude 2013

This post is unusual because it does not discuss of my typical field of “expertise” which is food. Instead, we diverge from what Frost described as the well-trodden path to engage in a topic that delightful without being delicious. For the past thirty-five years, Ottawa has celebrated winter […]