A Donkey on the Rooftop

Are you familiar with Korean folklore? In addition to stories like Cinderella, Snow White, and Magic Carpet, many Korean children today still grow up listening to their elders tell our traditional stories. Since the ancient times, these stories have been passed down orally from one generation to the […]

Royal eats

A friend of mine once mentioned that the first thing she would do after winning a lottery is to hire a personal chef. I nodded in agreement whole-heartedly.  Forget the Barenaked Ladies and their ode to Kraft dinner. I want the most exquisite flavours known to man made […]

Capital City K-Pop Takeover

On Saturday February 2nd, Korean DJ’s Jaybe Park and VJ Gee shook up the capital city’s downtown core with some of Korea’s top pop artists. The DJ’s were set up right in front of Ottawa City Hall where a giant Kpop dance party was taking place. People skating […]

Drinks: Gun bae!

With spring around the corner, some may feel that a celebratory drink is in order, for surviving a harsh winter, for welcoming spring or both. If the French claim wine as their national alcoholic beverage and the Russians, vodka; then the soju belongs the Korean. Soju is a […]


I think any blog that talks about Korean food cannot escape, and would in fact be remiss if it did not discuss kimchi. One author describes kimchi as Korea’s national vegetable dish. Kimchi was found at every meal, including breakfast. Kimchi remains a staple of the Korean diet, […]

What does a New Year mean for Koreans?

Familiarly known as the Chinese New Year in the West, Koreans call this special day, “설.” Pronounced as Seol, it is one of the most celebrated holidays in Korea as families come together from afar, engage in festivities, and prepare deicious foods to celebrate the first day of […]

The Gravity of One Tweet from Space

If you haven’t started following Chris Hadfield on Twitter yet, you really should. He is connecting ordinary people with the extraordinary universe more quickly and more intensely than a news story or magazine could, ever. Perhaps that sounds like a slight exaggeration, but I should know… Less than 24 hours ago, […]

CBC Radio interviews Korea-Canada Bloggers

The Korea-Canada 50th Anniversary Blog is starting to catch the attention of the mainstream media. CBC Radio interviewed two of our intrepid Ottawa e-Reporters – Sonya Han and Leila Siushansian – this morning (Feb. 5) for the Ottawa Morning show, hosted by Robyn Bresnahan (pictured right). The title of […]

The Year of the Snake

The lunar New Year is around the corner! I hope that this post may inspire you to celebrate the lunar New Year Korean-style! New Year’s and Korean thanksgiving are probably the two most important holidays in Korean culture. The dates of Korean New Year and Thanksgiving do not […]

With Compliments to…

There is no better demonstration of friendship than entrusting one’s children to another for care, so it is a compliment to Canada and Canadians that Korean families are sending their children in great numbers for education here. Hyungjin and Young Joo are the quintessential international students. Both love […]