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The Korean Sauna Experience

The last time I returned to Toronto, I had the chance to visit my first Korean sauna, Seoul Zimzilbang, with a friend of mine. Unfortunately photos weren’t allowed inside the sauna – for obvious reasons – but I thought I should share my experience, and offer some more […]

Korean Spa – Jjimjilbang

                    Korean spa, or commonly known as “Jjimjilbang” is a gender separagte large public bathhouse with showers, hot tubs, sauna, and massage tables. Not only these spa features but they include unisex areas such as snack bars, giant TV, […]

Cafes in Seoul 1: Dr. Fish Cafe

The black and white photos of the Parisian cafes with rattan chairs may be so ubiquitous now that they have lost the feeling of romance that they are supposed to evoke. Still, Paris and cafe as an idea are as synonymous as French and baguette or Rome and […]