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“A Centennial Life” (“백세인생”)

“A Centennial Life” (“백세인생”) 작곡, 작사:김종완. 노래: 이애란 1 절 (Verse 1) 육십 세에 저 세상에서 날 데리러 오거든 (If, at age 60, the death angel comes to take me away), 아직은 젊어서 못 간다고 전해라 (Please tell him I am too young to go right now). 칠십 […]

Top 13 Dramas of 2015 – with GIFs

2015 is almost coming to an end. Here is a compilation of top Korean dramas for 2015 based on CPI. What is CPI (Content Power Index)? A content power index for a show is a figure calculated by the combined news subscriptions, searches, and social media buzz for shows […]

KakaoTalk: A Revolutionary Messaging App

“Do you have KakaoTalk?” Have you ever been asked this by a Korean friend or acquaintance, but had no idea what “KakaoTalk” is? KakaoTalk, often abbreviated to “KaTalk/카톡,”  is a Korean cross-platform messaging application like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger. It is available in most smartphone platforms including […]

“L.A. Son” by Roy Choi

Sohn-maash (“hand-taste”) is the only way to cook, eat and feel Korean food. This autobiography of Roy’s journey and connection to food is as juicy, spicy and warming as the recipes he shares in each chapter.  It tells a heroic story of the food as a character which saves […]

October 5th, the Korean Day 🇰🇷

October 5th, also known as the Korean Day was first introduced in 2007 by The Overseas Korean Foundation and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs to correctly define our national identity and also to heighten the pride of 7.2 million overseas Korean. The Korean Day is celebrated all around the world annually on October 5th. This year’s celebration will […]

Camping: Korean Style

My husband has been hounding me for years to go camping. I am so not a camping person, so I’ve been resisting… I mean, I just could not see myself in a tent, freezing all night, cleaning dishes in cold water, not having a shower. Exactly my opposite […]