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Something New: An Introduction

Hey guys! My name is Sharon and I’m one of the new bloggers this year. I’m very excited for this upcoming year to be writing here as @sharonjoyceee and (hopefully) showcasing all of my experiences with Korean culture in Canada. about me I’m an undergraduate student currently studying […]

Recruiting New Bloggers for 2018!

The Korean Cultural Centre is recruiting the 2018 cohort of contributing bloggers for the ‘Korea-Canada Blog’: Launched in 2013, the ‘Korea-Canada Blog’ is an online hub for special storytellers who want to share their experiences of Korea, discover unknown stories of Korea-Canada relations, and tell its readers how […]

2014 C3 Conference

The 7th C3 Leadership Conference was successfully held on Saturday, March 8th at SFU Harbour Centre.  The 117 delegates, 44 mentors and numerous volunteers and committee members made the gathering the biggest so far, and the vibrant energy created in the conference demonstrated the distinct characteristics of the […]

Product Placement in Kdramas

Prime Minister and I: Nam Da Jung walks into a Subway to attend a meeting of the wives, where she heartily chomps down on a Subway sandwich. The Greatest Love: No one drank anything but Vitamin Water, and being the celebrity printed on the bottle was pretty much […]

Nike Debuts South Korea World Cup Jersey

The official Korea World Cup 2014 jersey. Nike and the Korea Football Association debuted the home jersey that will be worn by the Korean National Soccer Team at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Nike was inspired by the Taegeuk (the yin and yang symbol in the middle of […]

SEOUL, Shopper’s Paradise !

  Shopping in Seoul is definitely a huge delight for some shopping lovers here as the city has many attractive shopping areas, markets and malls throughout the city. Most of the famous shopping areas are located in downtown Seoul, but where to begin? Here are some of my […]

Korean Pre-Wedding Day Photoshoots

About a month before our wedding, my husband and I partook in a very common (as in, almost every one!) modern Korean tradition of the “pre-wedding photo shoot”.  At first I had a tiny tinge of “bad-luck-fear” regarding my husband seeing me in a wedding dress before the […]

2014 Fact Sheets

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea made 2014 Fact Sheets in Bilateral Relations, Economy, the Korean War, Hangeul, and Hallyu. Download them in PDF files: Click 1. Bilateral Relations 2. Economy 3. The Korean War   4. Hangeul 5. Hallyu

Top 10 Korean Things I Miss

Since moving back to Canada three years ago, I’ve begun to appreciate the little things that were so much more fun in Korea! Of course there were things that made me want to rip my hair out, but as time goes by, those things fade into the background, […]

Korean Baby Naming Process

          A few days ago, my very first niece was born to my Korean sister in law, in South Korea.  The photos I shared brought up a lot of questions about the naming process in Korea. I cannot speak for the entire country, but […]

Korean Bibliophiles In Canada

Mother Language Newly arrived foreigners rationally are subjected to primarily English speaking environment in Canada. This includes media such as “The Listener” television drama on CTV, CBC Radio One “The World at Six”, reading the Alice Munro Nobel Prize winning short stories, or even texts and emails to […]