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Eating flower cakes (Hwajeon)

Spring has sprung With the abundance Of blossoming flowers I think the poet of this poem – Scott Austin is the name – would have loved Hwajeon, a traditional Korean cake made with flowers which captures the romance of the spring blossoms.  I saw them at the Korea Food Day […]

Korean Food Day

“You look fine, hun” said Tudor while I was fidgeting in the rear view mirror checking my lipstick and stubborn hair that completely refused to look anything but puffy. We had arrived half an hour early at the Ambassador’s Residence for the Korea Food Day Event and could […]


The more I spend my time researching Korean culture, the more I find it fascinating how fashion became such a natural and quite essential form of expressing one’s personality on the streets of Seoul. It seems like in the same way we feel that our complicated coffee order […]

illustration by haijin bae

Hajin Bae

I remember sitting through modern art history classes with my friend Tereza, wondering how in the world  a white cube in a white room can compare to Van Gogh  and inevitably asking ourselves if this is all there is now, or if maybe, just maybe we have become […]

Very Funny. Ginseng Gum.

  Humour. Laughter. The world would be a peaceful, more harmonious place if there were more occasions for both. Humour connects people. Laughter creates inroads for friendship. The other day, my daughter and I stopped at a new Hannam grocery store. We needed some vegetables to make soup. […]

This is Arirang

Korean university student organizations presented the project called ‘This is Arirang’ on March 1, 2013, in Ssamji-gil, Insa-dong, Seoul, South Korea. This projects marks The March 1st Movement or Samil Movement which was the public displays of Korean resistance against the colonial occupation of the Japanese Empire in […]

Is it a Toilet or Toy-let?

    I’m a bathroom connoisseur.   I’ve seen and used all types of washrooms throughout my travels -and I’m not just talking whirlpools, walk-ins or claw-foot tubs. I mean, come on, that stuff is for amateurs. I’m talking buckets and ladles; I’m talking about awkwardly crouching in […]