2012 (Pilot Project)

Korean War Commemorative Ceremony and Reception 2012.06.24

On Sunday, June 24th, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea hosted a reception at the Chateau Laurier honouring Korean War Veterans. The reception was attended by the Vice Minister Yang Sung Jeong of the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs of the Republic of Korea and his delegation, as well as representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea led by Chargé d’Affaires Minister Song Oh.
From the Government of Canada, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada Eve Adams, Co-Chair of the Canada Korea Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Joe Daniel, Chief of Defence Staff General Walt Natynczyk, and KVA Unit #7 Ottawa President Bill Black were present at the reception.Also attended by defence attachés and diplomats from Korean War participant countries, this commemorative event was an opportunity for Vice Minister Jeong to award Ambassador of Peace medals to Canadian Veterans of the Korean War, and to renew our appreciation for the sacrifices of the Canadian Veterans of the Korean War.Vice Minister Jeong, along with Korean Embassy representatives, visited the Perley Rideau Veterans Center to present Mr. Robert Campbell Lane, a WW2 and Korean War veteran who turns 100 in July, with a specially-made Stamp from the Republic of Korea. The story of Mr. Robert Campbell Lane was one of many stories that served to renew the significance of the Korean War and to express our gratitude towards their contributions.

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