2012 (Pilot Project)

Your Journey to Korea begins at ICN

Your passenger flight finally arrives in Korea. After reaching upwards into the flight cabinet to grab your carry-on luggage, you are ready to disembark the aircraft. While passing through the sky bridge, one can see dozens of other aircraft from various worldwide corporations parked at nearby exit gates.

When reaching the airport, you are met by a moving walkway. As you move, passengers are surrounded by never-ending curved glass windows where spectators can view incoming aircraft, high-tech monitors displaying current worldwide events, and large high-quality posters advertising luxurious brandname products and Korea’s culture and tradition.

After some distance, you are met by an electronic glass gate requesting your patience while the next transport vessel arrives. It is a mini modern underground subway train arriving to transport you from the concourse to the passenger terminal. Once arriving, you are dazzled by the modern food courts, Korean cultural and traditional exhibitions/gift shops, duty free stores, and the well-dressed yet courteous customer service representatives.

Outside of the exit gates, you are then entranced by the fast movements of thousands of businessmen, tourists, and visitors from all around the world. Everything is high-tech, and bright from the sunlight penetrating through lightly coated glass walls.

Welcome to Incheon International Airport (IIA)

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When you travel to South Korea in the near future via passenger aircraft, chances are you will most likely first arrive at Incheon International Airport.

Opened in 2001, the IIA is located in Incheon (ICN) 48km west of the capital city, Seoul. As the main operational hub for the prestigious Korean and Asiana Airlines, it attracts over 34 million passengers and 5.6 million transfers annually while servicing 72 airlines and 182 destination cities; making it one of the world’s busiest airports.

In 2012, Incheon International Airport was named the best airport in the world by SKYTRAX. It was also voted the world’s best airport by the Airports Council International(ACI) and won the Airport Service Quality Award for seven consecutive years.

Asides from the modern architectural design and excellent customer service, the IIA is famous for its dining, shopping, and entertainment. With many to choose from, the Lotte and Shilla operated duty-free stores offer opportunities to purchase products ranging from and not limited to Cosmetics & Perfumes, Fashion & Accessories, Specialty Items, and Luxury Goods. A skating ring and CGV movie theatre are available for convenient entertainment, in addition to traditional-modern restaurants offering fast food, buffet, and world-class dining.

There are highly convenient transportation services available at the Incheon International Airport. The AREX express train runs directly from IIA to downtown Seoul and Gimpo International Airport. In addition, airport limousines frequently depart at scheduled times to Seoul and destinations all across Korea. Cabs are regularly on standby at the exit, where you are able to marvel at the modern architectural ingenuity and world-class services of IIA.

A place where your journey to Korea begins.


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