Moncton Korean Language School’s Closing Ceremony, and 1st Ever Graduation Ceremony

The Moncton Korean Language School (MKLS) located in Moncton, New Brunswick first opened for students to learn Korean and to experience the joy of working together in 2008.


Principal of the Moncton Korean Language School, Mrs. Park Cheonae ⤴

December 5th, 2014 MKLS had its end of the year closing ceremony and as well as the 1st ever graduation ceremony! The 2 students who graduated, including me, will use the resources that we have learned as our roadmap to the memories we’ll soon be making with our friends and family.


The students from MKLS paraded the skills that they honed for the past year to their full capacity. Each class displayed their dance skills, well written dramas, hilarious comedy, etc. The volunteers, who are usually the local high school students, also performed “The Birthday King” with their musical talents.





At the end of the ceremony, the teachers of the MKLS also awarded a prize to those who showed excellence in certain categories. It was definitely a blissful day and honourable days to those who became the first graduates of Moncton Korean Language School!


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