Wang Ga Ma Restaurant: Best Seolungtang (Oxtail Soup) in Vancouver

My love for food has led me to blog about a hidden gem that I recently discovered tucked away in a little town called Ktown in Coquitlam. What a marvellous find! Introducing THE best Seolungtang dish that I have ever tasted in Canada at Wang Ga Ma Restaurant, located across from Hmart. The Seolungtang served at this family owned establishment is comparable to Seolungtang that you find in Ktown NYC, Ktown LA and of course the motherland – Korea, meaning it is AMAZING. If you’ve checked out the various Korean restaurants at any of these cities then you are on par with how finger licking delicious everything is on their menu, Seolungtang included. Even their banchan (Side dishes) alone will blow your mind! The quantity, quality and authenticity of Korean food in these cities puts Korean food served in Vancouver to shame. Korean restaurants in Vancouver need to step up their game. Seriously.

What is Seolungtang?

Seolungtang is a delicious broth made from oxtail or ox bones that has been simmered for hours producing a milky and cloudy colour. Seasoning includes sea salt, green onions and pepper that you can add to your own liking. Rich in nutrients and a favourite hangover food, this oxtail soup is loved by many Koreans.


Doganitang (Similar to Seolungtang but with chewy beef tendons)

Accompanying Seolungtangs are the spicy pickled radish, Mu and/or fresh Kimchi. The Mu and Kimchi either makes or breaks your first bite with the creamy broth. A good seolungtang needs a good kimchi partner. Just like Beyonce and Jayz, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Peanut butter and Jelly, Fried chicken and Beer, Salt and Pepper, you get the point. Fresh, semisweet, spicy, pickled Kimchi or Mu just hits the spot with the soup. The two are inseparable.


The picture doesn’t do justice. Amazing Kimchi!

Anyway, thanks to my desperate hunger I walked into the first Korean restaurant (which happened to be Wang Ga Ma) that I saw and ordered a Doganitang (Beef tendon soup. The soup base is the same as Seolungtang, only that it comes with beef tendons). Wang Ga Ma definitely knows what they are doing as they specialize in the beef broth. With a limited selection on their menu, many come for their Seolungtang and Bossam (pork belly topped with spices and wrapped in cabbage. Drool).


Oh My Lawd. What is this heaven that I am tasting? I haven’t had good seolungtang soup in a very long time and I was so happy to have found a place in my city that I can go to at the whim of a craving! The mustard brown sauce dip for the meat was also an added bonus! I no longer have to wait to visit Ktown LA, Ktown NYC or even Korea to be able to taste well brewed Seolungtang broth. Wang Ga Ma, I thank you!


Even their rice is delicious and comes in a stone pot bowl!

Check It Out!

Wang Ga Ma Restaurant

Address: 450 – 329 North Road, Coquitlam BC

Hours: 10 am – 10 pm

Price Range: $10 – $20


In other news, I am leaving this week to go to Africa for a month and thus will not be able to blog during my time there. My next blog post for Canada-Korea Blog will be in April. However, if you would like to follow my adventures in Africa, I will be posting pictures and mini blogs at www.thatkimchilife.com.



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    • Hi Shannon, You are correct! The soup pictured is actually Doganitang which is Beef Tendon Soup. Its pretty much Seolungtang broth with chewy beef tendons. (Yes, I have tried Seolungtang in Korea and I miss it!! This was the closest taste to home). The restaurant also offers actual Seolungtang as well. A must try! :)

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