Korea Travel Bucket List: Time to Enjoy a Little Walk on the Sea

If you are thinking to go to Busan this summer, you had better visit Oryukdo Islands (오륙도) and Song-do Beach. These places have one thing in common, the skywalk. Walking on these skywalks in Busan will give you that sense of careening gaily over the waves. These places definitely deserve a spot on your Korea Travel Bucket List!

Oryukdo Skywalk

To begin with, Oryukdo Skywalk first opened in October 2013 with a motto of “Walking in the Sky”, and since then, it has been one of Busan’s popular tourist attractions. Oryukdo is a Korean word which describes 6 islands in Yongho dong, Nam-gu, Busan (부산광역시 남구 용호동). The island that is the closest to the land is called the Bangpae (방패섬), followed by Sot (솥섬), Soori (수리섬), Songot (송곳섬), Gool (굴섬) and Deungdae (등대섬).


In fact, Bangpae and Sot Islands are so close to each other, you will see these islands together as one whole island when it’s a low tide. Contrarily, when it’s a high tide, you will be seeing two separate islands! Moreover, they’re name Oryukdo because, while all six islands are visible when seen in the east, only 5 are visible when seen in the west.

Oryukdo Skywalk was built to let more people enjoy Oryukdo with fun and thrill, by installing a transparent floor giving one the sense of flying over the sea. The structure of the floor is a 55mm-thick tempered glass that was reinforced with four 12mm bulletproof sheets. To protect the glass from damaging, you must wear overshoes when entering and the skywalk only allow five people at a time to secure the glass.



Song-do Beach Skywalk

A skywalk near Geobuk Island (거북섬) in Song-do Beach is expected for completion toward the beginning of June 2015. As Busan is very famous for beaches, it is very busy and it’s always jammed with a crowd of people during the summer. Since a new skywalk will be opening in Song-do Beach this summer, this place will probably be crowded with people!


It is about 104m long with a width of 2.3m and is made with special steel plate and tempered glass. Also, as it is a transparent floor, you can see the waves rolling under your feet, like the Oryukdo Skywalk!


There is also a place like the skywalks mentioned above in Canada. It’s just that it is not made with any glass, but in fact, woods! The Irving Eco-Centre boardwalk located in New Brunswick, Canada is definitely a lovely place for the whole family to visit once in a while.

The Irving Eco-Centre Boardwalk (La dune de Bouctouche)

A visit is not complete without a walk along the boardwalk and along the beach there when you travel to Bouctouche, New Brunswick, Canada. The Irving Eco-Centre is a 600 acre site created by J.D. Irving to help protect an environmentally significant area.


The walk along the dunes is a great experience and there is a huge sandy beach as well for a little swim! Moreover, the Eco-Centre features forest and marsh as well, so it is a very ideal place for recreational activities! It is definitely recommended because it is certainly one of Maritime Province’s tourist attractions. Whether you take in the beach or just walk along the boardwalk, it is a very beautiful and peaceful place to take the whole family for a little visit.



These places are really well worth a visit and they would be such an amazing place or experience for the travellers. I know for sure that it’s definitely my Korea and Canada must see!

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