The Attic Playlist – 21 July 2015, Special Issue 13: 청취자의 선택 (Listener’s Choice)


Click to view previous issues: Issue 01: 시작 (The Beginning), Issue 02: 별이 빛나는 밤 (Starry Night), Issue 03: 연인 (Lovers),Issue 04: 건배 (Cheers!), Issue 05: 시간 여행 (Time Travel), Issue 06: 위로 (Consolation), Issue 07: 주말 휴가 (Weekend Getaway),Issue 08: 저녁 공기 (Evening Air), Issue 09: 모닝콜 (Wake-Up Call), Issue 10: 생일 축하해! (Happy Birthday!), Issue 11: 서울 (Seoul), Issue 12: 바다 (The Sea)

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Hello, 안녕하세요, I’m back with issue 13 of ‘The Attic Playlist’! My name is Jiwon, and ‘The Attic Playlist’ is a series I have designed to introduce songs by musicians who are less popular to foreign listeners yet definitely worthy of recognition. In each issue, I will introduce five songs by different musicians. For every song, I will provide the full lyrics in Korean. Then, I will pick out a few lines from the lyrics that capture the mood of the song and provide a translation of them, so non-Korean speakers can also enjoy the meaning of them.

‘The Attic Playlist’ will be published once every two weeks.

This week’s theme

청취자의 선택

I made this special edition (unexpected!) with recommended songs. I have had a few inquiries about whether I am accepting any recommendations. Because selecting the songs has been solely at my discretion, I wanted to give my listeners a chance to show their taste of music.

This week’s playlist


1. Grace’s choice: 로맨틱펀치(Romantic Punch) – 눈치채줄래요(Don’t You Know)

가사 눈치채줄래요

가사 눈치채줄래요 1

Grace also recommended:

박새별(Park Sae-Byul) – 참 아름다워(So Beautiful)

원모어찬스(One More Chance) – 뭐가 그리 좋은지몰라(Why Did I Fall For You)

2. Sunny’s choice: 볼빨간 사춘기(Puberty with Blushing Cheeks) – 가리워진 길(Hidden Road) (Cover of 유재하(Yoo Jae-Ha))

가사 가리워진 길

가사 가리워진 길 1

Sunny also recommended:

아이유(IU) – 편지(Letter) (Cover of 김광석(Kim Kwang-Suk))

3. Jisoo’s choice: 자이언티(Zion.T) – 꺼내먹어요(Take a Bite)

가사 꺼내먹어요

가사 꺼내먹어요 1

Jisoo also recommended:

기리보이(Giriboy) – 지켜줄게(I’ll Protect You)

4. Edward’s choice: 슬리피(Sleepy), 송지은(Song Ji-Eun) – 쿨밤(Cool Night)

가사 쿨밤

가사 쿨밤 1

Edward also recommended:

혁오(Hyuk Oh) – 위잉위잉(Buzzing)

5. Sonia’s choice: 노리플라이(No Reply) – 끝나지 않은 노래(An Unfinished Song)

가사 끝나지 않은 노래

가사 끝나지 않은 노래 1

Sonia also recommended:

박효신(Park Hyo-Shin) – Gift

매드클라운(Mad Clown) – 새벽에 쓴 일기(A Diary Written at Dawn)

I hope you have enjoyed the playlist, and feel free to comment below if you have any questions or concerns about my translation. I would also appreciate words of encouragement! All the Korean lyrics are from Naver Music, and all the videos are from Youtube.


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  1. I love this playlist very much! These songs and their singers may not be famous or belong to the mainstream music genre but definitely have great lyrics and melody. Love them all

    • Thank you, Jisoo! Your recommendations are lovely. You have been a great supporter of the playlist :)

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