October 5th, the Korean Day 🇰🇷


October 5th, also known as the Korean Day was first introduced in 2007 by The Overseas Korean Foundation and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs to correctly define our national identity and also to heighten the pride of 7.2 million overseas Korean. The Korean Day is celebrated all around the world annually on October 5th.

This year’s celebration will promote awareness of the importance of the overseas Korean, strengthen relation between them and their homeland, protect their rights and interests in their residing country, and also to support the overseas Korean to live as an exemplary citizens.

Today is an important day for all Koreans around the world. As J. Horace McFarland said, “It is the love of country that has lighted and that keeps glowing the holy fire of patriotism.”, love your country and be proud that you are a Korean! I know I am very happy and proud to call myself as a Korean, and I’m sure all of you guys are too!


Happy Korean Day ! 🇰🇷

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