The Attic Playlist – 4 November 2015, Issue 21: 자장가 (Lullaby)


Click to view previous issues: Issue 01: 시작 (The Beginning), Issue 02: 별이 빛나는 밤 (Starry Night), Issue 03: 연인 (Lovers) ,Issue 04: 건배 (Cheers!), Issue 05: 시간 여행 (Time Travel), Issue 06: 위로 (Consolation), Issue 07: 주말 휴가 (Weekend Getaway), Issue 08: 저녁 공기 (Evening Air), Issue 09: 모닝콜 (Wake-Up Call), Issue 10: 생일 축하해! (Happy Birthday!), Issue 11: 서울 (Seoul), Issue 12: 바다 (The Sea), Issue 13: 청취자의 선택 (Listener’s Choice), Issue 14: 비 오는 날 (Rainy Day), Issue 15: 영화, 드라마 OST (Movie and Drama Soundtrack), Issue 16: 열대야 (Tropical Night),Issue 17: 머리모양 (Hairstyle), Issue 18: 말 없이 (Without Words), Issue 19: 그리움 (Longing), Issue 20: 오미 (The Five Tastes)

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Hello, 안녕하세요, I’m back with issue 21 of ‘The Attic Playlist’! My name is Jiwon, and ‘The Attic Playlist’ is a series I have designed to introduce songs by musicians who are less popular to foreign listeners yet definitely worthy of recognition. In each issue, I will introduce five songs by different musicians. For every song, I will provide the full lyrics in Korean. Then, I will pick out a few lines from the lyrics that capture the mood of the song and provide a translation of them, so non-Korean speakers can also enjoy the meaning of them.

‘The Attic Playlist’ will be published once every two weeks.

This week’s theme


This week’s playlist


1. 스윗소로우(Sweet Sorrow) – Good Night

가사 Good Night

가사 Good night 1

2. 피터팬 컴플렉스(Peter Pan Complex) – 감정을 삼키고(Swallowing Emotions)

가사 감정을 삼키고

가사 감정을 삼키고 1

3. 송오브루나(Song of Luna) – 자장가(Lullaby)

가사 자장가

가사 자장가 1

4. 김광석(Kim Kwang-Suk) – 잊어야 한다는 마음으로(To Forget)

가사 잊어야 한다는 마음으로

가사 잊어야 한다는 마음으로 1

5. 빌리어코스티(Bily Acoustie) – 뻔한 사랑과 뻔한 이야기 (Same Old Love and Same Old Story)

가사 뻔한 사랑과 뻔한 이야기

가사 뻔한 사랑과 뻔한 이야기 1

I hope you have enjoyed the playlist, and feel free to comment below if you have any questions or concerns about my translation. I would also appreciate words of encouragement! All the Korean lyrics are from Naver Music, and all the videos are from Youtube.


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