So Dramatic!

So Dramatic! is where I will update on all K-Drama related stuff, like what I am watching, what I want to start watching, any new releases and the likes! Enjoy!

I’m so so so bad! I am running behind so much! I keep telling myself that it’s for bingeing purposes that I am not watching Oh My Venus! but I have just been so busy with Bout of Books and not diligent what so ever.


I am on episode 9 and FINALLY Joo Eun and Young Ho are a couple! Joo Eun is loosing her weight and eating better, her self esteem has gone up and she’s standing up to Soo Jin! But there’s a lot of sadness in this episode. A lot of people are feeling loss. I feel a sense of foreshadowing and I am kind of scared!

Also lets not forget the awesomeness that is Henry Lau! He is so damned funny! And he’s Canadian!!!!! I am so proud right now! I hope they give him a more developed story because right now he is just comic relief! I mean, look at this clip and tell me he isn’t just GREAT!


Watch Oh My Venus! on DramaFever

So I am going to have to catch up with this drama because Cheese In The Trap started and I REALLLLYYYYYY want to watch it!

I also need to catch up on these Shows:

  • Birth of a Beauty. About a once overweight and less than pretty housewife who escapes escapes death and returns more beautiful than ever to seek revenge on her scumbag husband.
  • Blood. About a Vampire Surgeon who is looking for a cure to his vampirism al the while battling bad guys!
  • The Scholar Who Walks The Night. Also about vampires but this one is a Sageuk (Historical) and its about a vampire who tries to destroy an ancient evil bad guy vampire from taking over the country.
  • Sensory Couple. About a crime fighting duo, one can see smells and the other can’t feel a thing!

I have much more than that to catch up on but for now that’s my watch list! Whats on Your Watchlist?

Coming up on So Dramatic!:

  • Review of Fated To Love You
  • Review of Falling In Love with Soon Jung
  • Most Anticipated 2016 Dramas
  • Why I Need More Ji Chang Wook. NOW!

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