Introducing Myself: Korean-Canadian Blogger “chunjiwon”💕


Happy New Year!

My name is Jiwon, and “chunjiwon” is my Blogger ID on the Korea-Canada Blog. I have been writing for the Blog for two years now, and I am pleased to be able to continue contributing to the Blog.

I realized I never formally introduced myself in those two years, so I’ve decided it may be a good idea to let you know a bit about myself before I begin blogging this year.

Are you a student? Where are you from? 🇰🇷 🇨🇦 

I am a first year law student at the University of Ottawa. I moved to Ottawa last summer, shortly after graduating from the University of Toronto with a BA Hons in English. I have been living in Canada for 10 years now. I was born in Seoul, Korea, and since I moved to Canada, I have lived in Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa – mostly Toronto. I consider Toronto my hometown in Canada 🏠

What are your hobbies? 📒 🎻 📷

I like to write, especially poems. My choice of academic major in university was largely due to my love of creative writing and literature. Although I did enjoy the traditional English courses, my favorite courses were poetry writing seminars. I have published a few poems about my Korean-Canadian identity and how I came to terms with it.

I think it was difficult to think that I should “belong” to a particular culture, but over the last 10 years, I have grown to appreciate the good things about both Korean and Canadian cultures and the fact that I get to experience them all.

Besides writing, I like taking photos, playing violin and guitar, and practicing Kendo.

Why E-Reporter? 🍚 🎧

I started writing for the Blog in 2015. It’s been a wonderful forum for me to share my enthusiasm for the Korean language, food, and music. Also it is interesting to read about different perspectives on the Korean culture.

So far, I have mostly focused on blogging about Korean music. It seemed to me that every year I find more and more people like listening to K-pop and K-indie. Until last year, I did a series on the Blog called “The Attic Playlist: 다락방 선곡표” where I introduced K-indie musicians and their songs and translated the lyrics from Korean to English. In its second season, I also introduced songs by idol groups. Instead of their popular title songs, I picked out songs listed in their albums that are also worthy of recognition. Check out the series if Korean music is of interest to you!

What is your blogging plan for this year? 🎂 ✨

I am going to be flexible with my plan, but my main interest this year is food. I plan to share easy Korean recipes for you to try at home and time to time add tips on how you can get or substitute traditionally Korean ingredients in Canada. Occasional reviews of Korean restaurants in Ottawa will be posted, as well.

I will also be covering Korean culture events in Ottawa, including those hosted by the Korean Cultural Centre.

It is my goal to communicate with more of you on the Blog and beyond.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas about in the comment section or via Twitter/Instagram.

For collaboration inquiries, contact me at gone.chun@gmail.com


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