Blogging plan for 2017: introducing myself

Are you interested in the Korean language? Are you planning to join a language school in Korea? Do you wonder about the daily life out there? Are you looking for travel related stories or tips? Well, this is exactly what I will be blogging about this year :)

My name is Chanez (blogger name: Nezu), I live in Montreal and this is my second year writing for the blog (pretty excited about it ^o^). I have recently graduated from University of Montreal with a Bachelor degree in Linguistics. I love learning about different cultures, experiencing new things and visiting new places. I am obsessed with Korean dramas and movies and I love playing videos games (not good enough to play PC games though :p)

I will be spending spring and summer in Seoul and I would love to share all my experiences with you. This will be my second time in Korea. The first time was in 2014, I attended Yonsei University as an exchange student for a semester, then I followed an intensive program of 4 months at the Yonsei Korean language Institute. I have tried to maximise my experience as much as possible during my time in Korea, I have travelled 15 cities and took part in various cultural activities.

My blogging plan is pretty flexible but will be centered around 3 major subjects:

Korean language learning:  I will be talking about the best ways to learn Korean, I will be introducing different language learning platforms and I will keep you up to date about the latest programs offered in Korea.

Travel experiences and tips:  I will be talking about the best places to visit, must do activities and will try my best to include a food section.

Korean dramas: if you love watching dramas and you like to keep an eye on all the upcoming shows to spot your future obsessions then my monthly drama edition is made for you, a simple article introducing you to new dramas will be posted at the beginning of every month (starting March).

So here is my little plan for 2017, whether you’re a K-drama addict, a languageholic or just someone who loves Korea, I invite you to come back here every month to learn more about the country and I hope you will find some helpful information in my articles. Don’t hesitate to communicate with me if you have any question or suggestion, I will be happy to answer you :)

What topics are you the most interested in? let me know in the comments :)



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  1. This sounds wonderful! Thank-you for sharing your adventures. Visiting Korea and learning the language are two of my impossible dreams, so you are doing it for me!

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