Introducing Myself : 자기소개


My name is Jayden Hwang (Blogger ID: soulofseoulmate ).                                                             This is my very first posting ever on Korea-Canada Blog and I feel extremely honored to share with you about my experiences and interest about Korea and Korean Culture!

I live in Vancouver and I am currently in my 3rd year, studying Asian Studies at UBC. But originally, I was born and raised in Seoul (see why my Blogger ID is soulofseoulmate?^_^) until I moved to Canada with my family.

Of course, as expected, growing up in Canada ever since could never stop my love toward Korean Pop Culture and I became interested in actually studying in depth about the culture and Korea the nation itself, including its traditional culture.

There are lots of Korean Cultural events and festivals being held here in Vancouver and for those of you who cannot be here to participate in such great events, please do not worry at all because on this blog, I will take you guys there ^_^

I will also introduce the great, passionate scholars in Vancouver whose field of study focuses on Korea, K-Pop, and teaching Korean language. As well, I will take you to KLT(Korean Language Table) program run by UNIK at UBC to share the passion from the students in the program in learning Korean!

In autumn, I have a plan to go to Korea and stay there for a few months and that’s when I will be introducing LOTS of sightseeing places and good places to hang out and eat! Let’s travel Korea together on this blog!

(If you see me going crazy due to the happiness while I travel with you, please believe me that I’m not acting nor exaggerating. Why? Because lots of places you will be seeing on this blog, will be pretty new to me. Yes, I haven’t been to Korea ever since I came to Canada. So I’m super excited myself as well! 오예!)

I have already planned out everything for the trip so all you need to do is just to enjoy the trip with me! And guess what? I will also take you to Pyeongchang (평창).                             Never heard of the city? That’s where the 2018 Winter Olympic Games will be held! So before the Games begin in Feb 2018, let’s take a look around in the city!

If there are any places that you would want me to add onto the plan, let me know!

Nice to meet you all! 다들 만나서 반가워요!

-Jayden Hwang


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