Ottawa Bloggers’ Meet-Up Feat. Samgyeopsal


Last week, three of the Bloggers met and had 삼겹살/Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly). It was our first meet-up in Ottawa this year.


The Bloggers (including myself) have been introducing ourselves in the past few weeks, but we might have been not so clear about who we are as a group.

We all come from different backgrounds. One thing we share, however, is our positive experience with the Korean culture. Our individual approaches may vary, but our common goal as Bloggers is to promote different aspects of the Korean culture. Instead of giving you a sweeping generalization of what the Korean culture is, we will share our own interactions with the vibrant Korean culture and hopefully give you more detailed and personal accounts of what the Korean culture is about.


What amazes me as a Korean living abroad is the sense of community that is strong among Korean people. We always seem to know where to find each other and how to build a support system. Food definitely plays an important role in our community, especially as a way of communicating friendship.


For example, 삼겹살/Samgyeopsal is cooked on a grill at the diners’ table. The diners share the roles of cooking the meat, giving the cooked meat to each other, etc. The grill is usually placed in the middle of a table, too, so that everyone can reach it easily.


I think the cultural significance the emotional bond Korean people like to have with others is very much reflected in something as simple as the way we cook and eat Samgyeopsal.


We, Bloggers, had a wonderful time sharing 삼겹살/Samgyeopsal and our stories with the Korean culture. We discussed what each of us had in mind for the Blog and ways we can work together. Stay tuned for our future collaborations!

Special thanks to Joon and Mr. Lee for organizing the meeting.

Also, if you’d like to try the food, this is the restaurant’s information:

Mu Goong Hwa Garden/무궁화 가든
376 Rideau Street, Ottawa, ON

(613) 860-8300

P.S.: the noodle dish below was the “dessert” 😉


All images © 2017 Jiwon Chun. All rights reserved.


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    • Hello Marie-Noëlle! Yes, I heard about the Montreal gathering! Hope to see you in person someday :)

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