Canadian Warriors of Korean Fire Noodles!

Have you ever watched ‘Fire Noodle Challenge’ videos on Youtube? People from all around the world are crazy about eating Korean spicy chicken noodles even though they can’t stop crying and shaking from the consequence! As a brave and confident chili warrior myself, I honestly cried out loud when I tried this fire noodle the first time.

A few weeks ago, I was amused by Canadian Warriors of Fire Noodles at work. I work for this authentic South Korean grocer, Galleria Supermarket, in Toronto as a marketing coordinator. On April 12, 2017, we hosted the most exciting and creative event, “Yelp Elite Event”, with Yelp in our new branch in Oakville for a Yelp community exploring Korean culinary culture through fun and educational activities.

Galleria Fire Noodle Challenge

Source : Galleria Supermarket 

Known as active reviewers on Yelp, these 40 Yelp Elites participated to learn about the Greater Toronto Area’s leading Korean supermarket. The event consisted of a full variety of games designed to educate and entertain the Yelp guests on Korean food culture and products.

In the event, a group of 42 Yelp Elites were divided into two teams, Green and Blue, and each team was split into smaller groups consisting of 4. These groups competed in six stations of games and fun tasting activities, all in one hour: Fire Noodle Challenge, Banana Weighing Competition, Rolling Galleria Kimbap, Kimch Eating Relay, Galleria Supermarket Sweep and sampling Mom’s Chicken and a Photo Zone contest.

Galleria Mom's Chicken

Source : Galleria Supermarket

The Fire Noodle Challenge was absolutely the most exciting and popular station. It seemed to me like bullfighting. Each challenger, a supposed spicy food master, was chosen from each team to eat the whole fire noodle cup. The faster eater was the winner from each game. For the crowd, it was super funny watching the warriors eat the spicy noodles!

Galleria Kimbap 23

Source : Galleria Supermarket

After the exciting games, everyone celebrated the success of the event by enjoying Mom’s chicken (Galleria’s signature Korean-style fried chicken), Bulgogi (marinated beef), Japchae (Korean glass noodle stir fry with vegetables), Kimbap (Korean ‘sushi’ style rolls) and drinks. Each participant was given a thank-you bag filled with Korean snacks, noodles, beauty products and sauces, while winning team members were given an additional prize of a $10 Galleria Supermarket Certificate.

Galleria Supermarket Yelp Event Gifts 23

Source : Galleria Supermarket

Yelp Elite Events have been held in US grocery stores, including Whole Foods in Florida. Galleria Supermarket became the first grocery store to host a Yelp Elite event in Canada. “We picked Galleria specifically because we wanted to show something different to our Yelp community. A lot of our events are about educating people about the business and showing what sort of cool things make them an awesome business. Galleria Supermarket is a great business in the Greater Toronto area and we wanted to teach our community that Galleria is not just for Korean people, it’s for everyone!” said Kris Uguccioni, director of community & marketing, Yelp GTA.

It was a happy day for Yelp Elites with new, exciting cultural experiences at Galleria’s new Oakville store, the 3rd branch that opened in December, 2016 to serve the western part of the GTA. In this growing multicultural food market in Canada, Galleria will actively respond to growing interest in Korean food culture by hosting such fun and exciting in-store events as a leading Korean food ambassador. (See the event reviews)

Now enjoy watching this fun event!

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