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Intro: Who’s That Girl?

Hello world,

I’m Grace, just a twenty something girl living in Vancouver, B.C. First things first, I must say, what an honour to be a part of Korea-Canada Blog 2018! I am very excited to start this new chapter in life where I will get a chance to share my love, passion, and knowledge about Korean food and culture.

So to start, here is a thing or two about myself. I am Korean whose been living in Canada for well over a decade now. I am originally from Seoul in South Korea, and then I immigrated to Canada as a teenager. In Canada, I have lived in various places such as Vancouver Island and Toronto, currently in Vancouver for over six years now. I have to admit, when I first immigrated to Canada, I made a pretty big effort to wipe out everything Korean about myself. The way I looked, the way I talked, and even the way I ate. It was my desperate teenage approach to fit in with the rest of the kids around me. A long time has passed since then, and I have lost and found myself multiple times throughout those journeys. I can honestly say now I cannot be more proud of who I am and where I come from. I consider myself very lucky to be able to call both Korea and Canada “home”. So this will be my first step in sharing with the rest of the world, the Korea I love.

To get into a little more detail, I love food! I love everything about food. I love cooking it, eating it, photographing it, recreating it… Did I say I love food? Because yes, I do. One of my favourite activities include; eating, couch potato’ing, and complaining about getting fat *eyes roll*. Among all kinds of amazing foods out there, it is not a surprise that Korean food is my favorite of all. It will always hold a special place in my heart. ALWAYS. It just tastes like home to me. It brings me that feeling of comfort. Oh, dem warm, cozy, fuzzy feelings.

Initially, my love for cooking started growing when I had moved to Canada all by myself away from my family. I soon realized the only way I was going to be able to taste a sense of home was to create my own, without having my mom here with me. Started from the instant noodles now we’re here. Back then when I first came to Canada, especially in the country side where I first lived, there was really not much access to Korean or any Asian ingredients for that matter. But now things have changed. The world is one and I feel like anything is possible! Everyone out there should at least try one Korean dish in their life time, don’t you think? But I assure you this one thing. I bet once you try Korean food, you will keep coming back for more.

Even though cooking is my zen and my therapy, I admit I don’t always cook. With a full time job and a busy life style, sometimes it just makes sense to eat out. There are lots to explore and to love about eating out as well! Food is not just for eating, it is an art and experience. It is a way of communication and expression. In my opinion, Korean food has a very unique and special quality of its own which I would love to share with you all in the near future through my posts.  There are a lot of amazing Korean restaurants and other restaurants that use Korean ingredients (ie. Kimchi) in the greater Vancouver area. So I’ve decided to blog about everything, from home-cooked meals to eating out, from the scratch meals to “cheat” meals, and from budget quick bites to fancy schmancy.

Thank you so much for your interest and following me in my graciously delicious journey. This opportunity to share with the world about the Korea I love is truly incredible. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!



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