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Blogger Introduction (Sorry, I am late!)



Hello everyone,

My name is Adrienne and I am one of your new bloggers! I am super stoked to be here and to share so many stories of Korean culture with you all. Whether you are interested or not, I am going to give you a brief introduction about myself.


Born in the SOUL CITY of Korea, Seoul, and raised in Calgary, AB (Calgary Flames! Yes!), I am currently an undergraduate student studying Physiology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB. I am one of your Edmontonian bloggers (make sure to check out our other Edmontonian blogger, @ahlekseu, and her blogger introduction post as well. Believe or not, I am a huge fan of politics and traveling (I know.. those two things do not go together nor does my major in Physiology). I spend my leisure time liking politicians’ news feed on facebook and instagram. Ah, sorry. Forgot to tell you the most important part of me. I love food. Food is love. Food is life (currently pursuing a degree at an university so that I can afford some good food in my life).


Our Edmonton Korean community is full of cultural events and exciting programs, and I hope to share some of them to inspire other cities to increase Korean cultural awareness in Canada. This summer, I will be on one-month long trip on train across Canada from Vancouver to Prince Edward Island, so I am expecting to explore hidden Korean communities in little towns and cities and possibly to collaborate with other bloggers from other cities to do a mukbang (먹방) blog or something!

Some bloggers did a list of their favourite Korean things and I am going to do one too (because I am a copycat):

  • Favourite Korean Variety Show: Infinite Challenge (they can’t just stop here, they must continue) 
  • Favourite Korean Movie: The Attorney 
  • Favourite Korean Food: Tteokbbokki (떡볶이) (I won’t eat it if fish cake is not cut in a triangle shape)
  • Favourite Korean Artist: BtoB/Dean


Then till the next time!


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