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Ariel, a new blogger

Hello everyone!

I am one of the many new bloggers for the year 2018 and I am taking the time to introduce myself a little for all our readers. My name is Ariel Carriere and I am a 25 years old French-Canadian, born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. I studied Political Science and Korean language and culture at McGill University.  I learned Korean in McGill University before continuing my studies further in Seoul. A little after I started to study about Korean culture and language, I decided I wanted to push this interest even more and looked for a Korean club or center in Montreal. My involvement with the Montreal Korean Language and Culture Center (MKLCC) also increased my knowledge and interests in Korea and its culture. As a language exchange organizer, I met many Korean friends with which I still keep in touch. I enjoyed my time there promoting Korean culture, meeting new and interesting people and learning a lot.

After graduating from McGill, I decided to move to Seoul for 1 year and a half with the hope of improving my Korean language skills and of experiencing Korean culture more. I also visited many places in the Korean countryside as well as other major cities. I enjoyed all my small trips thanks to the warm-hearted Koreans living there and travelling with me. Since I can speak Korean, many of them were interested in asking me questions and having conversations with me. Through those conversations, I tried to learn more about their point of view and stories. After a year living in Seoul, I extended my contract to stay a little longer because I was enjoying my life there a lot. Even if I left Korea now, I do not want to say goodbye to Korea and want to continue to be involved in activities related to its culture. My interests are wide in scope and I am passionate about Korea. I particularly like the Korean language and food. I am fluent in both French and English, and advanced in Korean.

My passion for Korea and Korean culture dates back many years and is still very strong. I wish to be able to share it with many people and help them discover what an interesting country Korea is!

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