K-BEAUTY: Korean Fashion and Beauty

Korean haircare: K-beauty for your tresses

By now many of you are likely quite familiar with K-beauty. Korean skincare and beauty products are becoming more mainstream, with Korean stores like The Face Shop are popping up in local malls, and K-beauty products being offered at large beauty retailers like Sephora. Concepts like the Korean 10-Step Skincare Routine are popping up in more and more Western beauty blogs, but it doesn’t stop at skincare an makeup.
Welcome to the world of Korean haircare.


As with skin care, a healthy foundation is a focus. In this case it’s the scalp. After all, healthy hair can only grow from a healthy scalp. The main concept of of Korean haircare is to treat your scalp with quality, beneficial ingredients while considering the respective pH of both the scalp and hair shaft. Korean haircare routines include steps usually not found in Western haircare regimens such as weekly scalp exfoliators/scalers to rid the scalp of build up, scalp essences to add moisture (much like a facial essence), and hair essences/serums for the hair lengths to provide nutrition and protect against dryness.
I have tried many Korean haircare lines, and a clear favourite for me has been the Ethic line from British M. When I reached out to the company to discuss their products and philosophy, Brand Manager, Oh piljae 오필재, kindly responded right away.


British M Ethic

What do you feel makes British M Ethic different from other haircare lines?

Before introducing the difference between British M and others, we want to first tell you to about British M and British ethic. British M is a professional hair brand and sold mainly in Korean salons for hair specialist. British ethic launched in December 2016 is not only a hair special brand but a product that can change the bathroom of a consumer.
Shampoos are available in SokoGlam, United States, and the treatment will be launched from this March. In Korea, however, we sell also toiletries such as toothpaste and toothbrushes. As we have know-how and technology of hair professional brand, are fully confident of our hair products. Differing from any other companies, British M eliminates chemical compositions as much as possible. It contains natural ingredients mainly and is designed for both children and adults. It is also a brand that pregnant women, young children, and infants can use with an easy mind.


What steps and products do you consider essential for optimal hair health? (What would an ideal haircare routine be?)

We think shampoo is the most important. For your hair to be healthy, the pore should be healthy and the simplest way to care for it will be shampoo. First, you need a shampoo that will match the PH balance of your scalp with a mild ingredient shampoo that can be used a daily basis. I think it is important to use shampoo for greasy or dry hair that can cure your hair and scalp according to season and condition change. Our products are suitable for use as a daily shampoo because it excludes chemical compositions such as silicone, SLS, and are excellent in PH balance.


Where can Canadian consumers purchase your products?

Unfortunately, we do not have any channel in Canada yet. So we are sorry that our products cannot be introduced currently. (It could be possible if you can make purchases through SokoGlam.)* We will do our best to introduce our products to Canadian as soon as possible.


Do you plan to introduce more products to the Ethic line?

New products including hair ones will be coming out. ** In March, new treatments will be introduced to the US market via SokoGlam. Hair professional brand British M has already launched and will be launching a variety of hair products such as oils, sprays, treatments, and waxes, so we hope you to take an interest in both British M and ethic continuously.


If you are ready to embrace a Korean haircare regime, you can find a variety of Korean haircare products online, but I also encourage you to explore your local Asian markets. I have found many great products locally, especially in the beauty aisle of my local Asian supermarket.

* I ordered British M Ethic Shampoo and Annatto oil from SokoGlam
** At the time of publishing, British M Ethic Treatment and Hair Butter have become available on SokoGlam’s website

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