Zion. T Charms Toronto

Photo by Sarah Llewelyn

Zion. T played the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in March, his debut in the city. His “Live in US & Canada” tour was presented by KpopMe Entertainment; also gracing Vancouver, New York, Dallas, San Jose and Los Angeles. The theatre was packed, and the audience responded with huge energy. Zion. T doesn’t use ornate sets or dancers, preferring to electrify with flawless vocals. Clad in his signature shades, suede jacket, zebra-print pants and yellow Onitsuka Tigers, the R&B star hit us with bittersweet tunes. His voice live does not disappoint: technically exquisite and emotional. Zion. T made the conscious choice not to use a translator onstage during the breaks in between songs to interact with the audience. Even if non-Korean speakers like myself weren’t always sure what he was saying, so much came through in his energy and tone. It was refreshing to hear his words without being filtered through a “middle man”.

Photo by Sarah Llewelyn

Later on Zion. T brought on Lil Boi, half of hip-hop group Geeks. Zion. T is no stranger to collaborations with Korean rap’s finest: from Zico to G-Dragon and Dok2. The 29 year-old is signed to YG’s Black Label. A proud Christian, Kim Hae Sol fashioned his stage name after Zion, the capital of Jerusalem, and “T” for its resemblance to the Cross. Since debuting seven years ago Zion. T has enjoyed increasing success and praise. Singles like “Eat”, “No Make Up” and “Snow” have blown up the charts in recent years.

Photo by Sarah Llewelyn

For some, recognition and fame doesn’t go to their head. After the show, the singer met with fans for a meet-and-greet. Up close and personal, he was warm, kind and incredibly friendly. It was clear that he and his fans share a special bond. Judging from the success of his “Live” tour, this will not be the last we see of Zion. T in North America.

Zion. T Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ziont/?hl=en

YG Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/YGEntertainment

KpopMe Entertainment: https://kpopme.com/

Lil Boi Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lilboi91/?hl=en

Photos by Sarah Llewelyn

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