Dynamic Duo Headlines Modern Sky Festival Lineup


Hip Hop legends Dynamic Duo are set to play the greatly anticipated Modern Sky Festival in Toronto on September 23rd at Echo Beach (909 Lakeshore Blvd). The last time Choiza and Gaeko performed in The Six, it was for their Grand Carnival Tour of 2016. Signed to their own label, Amoeba Culture, the rappers will share the festival with a variety of Chinese, Taiwanese and Canadian artists: from folk to hip hop. It is exciting to see a music festival bringing together Asian and North American artists, without segregating them based on their country of origin.

Founded in Beijing in 1997, Modern Sky is the most powerful music entertainment company in mainland China. It also has a North American sub-company, Modern Sky USA, based in New York City. Last year Modern Sky USA presented the hit “Hyukoh 24 Tour – North America”. A Chinese company touring North America with a Korean band; whose lead singer performs in Mandarin, Korean and English… this is the future! Modern Sky is passionate about introducing the world to unique acts, recognizing that music defies all language barriers.

Toronto will join the likes of LA, Beijing and New York, which have hosted “MSF” in the past. Fans of Dynamic Duo can also look forward to seeing Bohan Phoenix (from China), Calvin Love (from Canada), Sunset Rollercoaster (from Taiwan), Tizzy T (from China), and more at Toronto’s Modern Sky Festival, September 23rd. I am sensing an onstage international rap head-to-head might be in the works. Tickets are on sale now.

Tickets: https://www1.ticketmaster.ca/event/100054E9D8525FC9


Modern Sky: https://modernskyusa.com/

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