Park Jin Young announces new vision for his entertainment company, dubbed JYP 2.0

jyp 2.0

JYP Entertainment is an industry leading record label, talent agency, music production company, event management, concert production company, and music publishing house founded by South Korean artist and producer Park Jin Young.

At a recent demo day event hosted by Sparklabs, Park Jin Young announced a new vision for his company JYP Entertainment.

With plans to move into a brand new headquarters, Park Jin Young also plans to implement a new business strategy where there will be a designated task force for each artist. Park said during the event “Two years ago, I started experimenting, creating a special task force to handle just one artist, which means they had their own marketing person, promotional, and management teams. That was Twice and the result was amazing. Everything, from communication to contents creation, was much faster and more efficient.”

The new headquarters will house 9 dance studios, 18 vocal rooms, 7 producing rooms, 11 recording booths, 2 mixing rooms, an organic restaurant, and a cafe located on the first floor that will be open to the public.

Park has stressed that the mental and physical well being of his employees was of utmost importance. In order to accomplish this, he plans to promote work-life balance by decreasing the maximum hour an employee can work per week in accordance to a South Korean law stating that an employee may not work for more than 52 hours a week, set to be in motion by 2020. There will also be handpicked psychiatrists to consult the artists and employees.

Check out the demo day event in the video below.

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