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Free K-pop Experience Program!

Are you a K-Pop fan?  Are you planning to cisit Korea?  Well guess what? You can apply to join a free K-pop Experience Program, put on by the Seoul Metroplitan Government! Have fun everyone! Here is what VisitKorea has posted : Good news for non-Korean citizenship holders visiting or planning to […]

Camping: Korean Style

My husband has been hounding me for years to go camping. I am so not a camping person, so I’ve been resisting… I mean, I just could not see myself in a tent, freezing all night, cleaning dishes in cold water, not having a shower. Exactly my opposite […]

Paleo Kimbap

A few months ago, our family started eating (mostly) Paleo.  Which means, no dairy, grains, or processed food. That includes rice. Ah! My husband still eats like a regular typical human, but I try to adhere as well as I can to the plan.  My mom suffers from […]

Free KPop Concert in Seoul!

Guess what? The Korea Tourism Organization has a super treat for all Foreigners living in Seoul: Free K Pop Concert! Here is the official post that was released from VisitKorea yesterday: [K-Pop Event in Seoul] Are you a fan of K-Pop and will be in Seoul on Tuesday, […]

Korean Care Package

We’ve been living in Canada for four years, and it never stops being exciting when a Korean Care Package arrives! When we lived in Korea, my mom would send me coffee crisp chocolate bars, American Eagle jeans, packs of Kool-aid and Kraft Dinner, sheet of stickers for my […]

Korean Pre-Wedding Day Photoshoots

About a month before our wedding, my husband and I partook in a very common (as in, almost every one!) modern Korean tradition of the “pre-wedding photo shoot”.  At first I had a tiny tinge of “bad-luck-fear” regarding my husband seeing me in a wedding dress before the […]

Top 10 Korean Things I Miss

Since moving back to Canada three years ago, I’ve begun to appreciate the little things that were so much more fun in Korea! Of course there were things that made me want to rip my hair out, but as time goes by, those things fade into the background, […]

Korean Baby Naming Process

          A few days ago, my very first niece was born to my Korean sister in law, in South Korea.  The photos I shared brought up a lot of questions about the naming process in Korea. I cannot speak for the entire country, but […]

How to Make Makgeolli: 막걸리

Makgeolli is a traditional Korean milky rice wine.  My husband and I enjoyed makgeolli once in a while when we were living in Korea (it is especially good, half way up a mountain, fresh and cold), but didn’t think about if often.  It’s been a year since we […]

Korean Egg Roll

I’m always looking for an easy or simple side dish to make for my husband.  Poor man doesn’t get much for banchan these days! Once in a while I have a sudden brain wave and realized that I can make Gaeran Mari/계란말이  (Egg roll!).  This is quite like […]