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Artist Spotlight – DEAN

Hey guys! I’ve been busy. I am busy, but I have just been loving this person’s album so much, so much that I just had to write an article tell you all about him. DEAN (stylized as DΞΔN), real name Kwon Hyuk, is an R&B singer-songwriter and producer. Specifically, […]

Eating through the screen: Mukbang

I like eating. I like watching people cook food. And as I’ve recently found out, I apparently also like people eating food. Although I’ve known of this phenomenon for a while, I never actually watched one until around last week. I may have ended up subscribing to too many […]

Korean Snacks

Guest contributor (aka a friend of mine) Esabelle Kim joins us today to share 10 of her favorite Korean snacks. Although I would like to say “top 10”, she refuses to play favorites. 10. 홈런볼 (Home-run Ball) 홈런볼 are creampuff lookalikes. The outside is flaky but soft and there’s […]

Product Placement in Kdramas

Prime Minister and I: Nam Da Jung walks into a Subway to attend a meeting of the wives, where she heartily chomps down on a Subway sandwich. The Greatest Love: No one drank anything but Vitamin Water, and being the celebrity printed on the bottle was pretty much […]

Korea starts 5G implementation plan

Move over, LTE. 5G is coming. It’s an understatement to say that smartphones are everywhere in Korea. As a fellow blogger noted in 3 Funny Things about K-Dramas, even the poorest character would have the latest smartphone. It’s not that unrealistic actually, with Korea boasting a 97.7% saturation […]