Vancouver – kpop’s new favourite city

If you live long enough, you will see your dream come true…or at least up close and personally.

Having lived in Vancouver more than half my life, and half of that being a kpop fan, I was resigned to the fact that the majority of kpop acts simply don’t have Vancouver on their radar. Never mind that you know, we’re one of the the most livable cities in the world and certainly a global hub. At first glance, it made economic sense. Our population of a measly 2.5 million is too small. Even if artists did turned to Canada, they inevitably chose our east coast counterpart – Toronto.

But it seems that numerous entertainment agencies have realized another fact about Vancouver. While I do realize people of all ethnicities can be kpop fans, I carefully make the assumption that Asians are more likely to be exposed to kpop. And Vancouver, is frankly (and cited by the Vancouver Sun), as the most “Asian” city outside of Asia. Ka-ching!

So in recent years, it is to our great joy and to our wallet’s great distress that fellow Vancouverites and myself have been showered with opportunities. Epik High visited in June 2015, hosting 2 shows at Vogue Theatre. Illionaire made their own appearance there shortly after in September 2015. Less so “kpop” but a legend nevertheless, Lee Seung Chul is having his 2016 New Year kickoff at the Orpheum. Within 2 days of each other in January, APink‘s Pink Memory Tour and Infinite‘s INFINITE EFFECT will have tour stops at the Orpheum and Queen Elizabeth theatre, respectively. For Infinite, Vancouver will be their kick off stop. Just one month after that, EXO will also be gracing Vancouver on their North American Tour.

As Deoksun of Reply 1998 would say: 왠열??





Not that I’m complaining.

Helpful links below:
Lee Seung Chul Ticket Page
EXO Vancouver Facebook Event Page
Infinite Vancouver Facebook Event Page
Apink Vancouver Facebook Event Page

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if I could get an email address where I could contact you for help with promoting vixx’s upcoming Toronto concert? Really love your blog. Hope to hear back from you =)


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