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Introducing Harny Chan!

(Introducing Toronto’s KPOP Talents – a new mini series that will be posted to this blog over the coming months, introducing our readers to the various talented dancers, musicians and models in Toronto who use their talents to promote Korean culture not only just within Toronto but worldwide, […]

EXO Miracles in December MV

South Korea’s current favorite boyband wishes the world a Merry Christmas with their new music video, Miracles in December! EXO has been gaining popularity overseas since their debut in 2012, breaking into the top ranks of the entertainment world when their last title track, Growl, managed to snag […]

2K13 Feel Korea in Vancouver!

  Fans of KPOP in Vancouver! To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Korea-Canada diplomatic productions, KOFICE is teaming up with MCST to host 2k13 Feel Korea KPOP concert with the KPOP Cover Dance Festival. Date: Sept. 14th Time: 8PM Venue: Malkin Bowl Stanley Cup, Vancouver The lineup includes Rainbow, VIXX, […]

HallyuCon 2013 is here!

I am pleased to announce to the readers of the 50th anniversary blog first, that after the immense success of HallyuCon 2012 back in December, we are now hosting our second, HallyuCon 2013, on August 31st! As some of you may already know, HallyuCon 2012 was a large […]

EXO wins K-Chart @ Music Bank!

Usually I wouldn’t find this kind of post exactly newsworthy, but I thought, due to circumstance, that it was something worth sharing with you all. As of today, June 14th 2013, EXO has officially won their first music show award on Music Bank. I’ve been a fan of […]


KOREAN NIGHT OUT IN MISSISSAUGA! Most people when they’re in the mood for a little Korean fun on a Friday night, they say they’re heading to Toronto – boasting two decently sized K-Towns, Toronto seems like the best place to be. But sometimes it’s just not plausible to […]

EXO for Sichuan!

For the past month and a half I’ve been dedicating my time to a charity project known as ‘EXO for Sichuan!’, the purpose being to host a charity auction to raise money for the earthquake that hit Sichuan, China, back in April. EXO, as some of you may […]

Why I don’t like Gentleman by PSY

PSY GENTLEMAN MUSIC VIDEO    I’m sure everyone that reads this blog is aware of the Korean superstar, PSY’s, newest track, Gentleman, which released worldwide just a few weeks ago. It has the makings of another hit – a catchy beat, a funny hook, a dance that’s impossible […]

The Owl of Minerva Mississauga

Just open as of March this year, the Owl of Minerva in Mississauga is the first of its franchise to branch into this side of the GTA. I’m not entirely sure there’s a Korean in Toronto who doesn’t know of this restaurant, but I sure think there’s a […]

Canadians in KPOP

It’s not exactly unusual to see at least one English speaking member of a KPOP group—in fact, I have a hard time naming more than two or three without one. To Korean companies, it seems like the USA is a goldmine of Asian-American talent. It’s easy to see […]