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Esperanza Maggay (Heemang)

I prefer spicy or bitter to sweet. I'm a vegan so that means no meat. At the haniwon (한의원) I was told not to eat wheat. I'm a dancer so I have calloused feet. Tokkpokki is my most favorite treat. I'm a halmoni at heart so I don't know how to tweet. I love massages, but not on my feet. I love Korea, cuz it's totally amazing... Even though amazing doesn't rhyme with the other words....

Is it a Toilet or Toy-let?

    I’m a bathroom connoisseur.   I’ve seen and used all types of washrooms throughout my travels -and I’m not just talking whirlpools, walk-ins or claw-foot tubs. I mean, come on, that stuff is for amateurs. I’m talking buckets and ladles; I’m talking about awkwardly crouching in […]