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Jen Fletcher

I am an intercultural trainer and consultant specializing in South Korean culture. You can find me on my personal website at or on LinkedIn at

Fresh socks, anyone?

Have you ever given socks a thought? Socks are actually an important part of the Korean wardrobe. Much in the same way the tuque is an important and meaningful article of clothing in Canada, one could say the same about socks in Korea. Ever since I can remember, […]

Do you Kakao?

The first time I heard about KakaoTalk was from a friend who had just returned from teaching English in Korea. He mentioned being “Kakaoed” and “Kakaoing” people. I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about so I finally decided to inquire about this odd new verb: […]

How’s your nunchi?

You just walked out of your first business meeting in Seoul and you have no idea what just happened. You have to report back to your boss in Canada and you can’t even say if your proposal was received positively, neutrally or negatively. You’re not even sure if […]