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The History of the South Korean Won

If you are in Korea or visiting Korea, you’ll definitely have to handle with South Korean won (South Korean currency) .You will probably be spending a lot of your Korean money everyday, and you will be seeing the faces on the money everyday as well, right? So, it would be […]

Moncton Mourns the Fallen Heroes

. The RCMP officers on the scene were just extremely courageous during the Wednesday’s shooting incident. This tragic shooting left 3 dead and 2 wounded RCMP officers who were our heroes during this incident. Endless respect for those fallen officers who risked their lives to save others. . Const. […]

SEOUL, Shopper’s Paradise !

  Shopping in Seoul is definitely a huge delight for some shopping lovers here as the city has many attractive shopping areas, markets and malls throughout the city. Most of the famous shopping areas are located in downtown Seoul, but where to begin? Here are some of my […]