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Your Island

Cities and the central nervous system share a number of common elements: both have neighbourhoods, streets, and even 8-lane highways. The brain and spinal cord use a network of pathways to send neurotransmitters and relay signals to perform bodily tasks and functions. Yeouido [여의도/汝矣島: you, (your), island] is […]

Kind Temple Neighbourhood

The bright, flashing lights of Insadong-gil [길 (gil) : Street] regularly attracts large gatherings of people. Travel guides often rank Insadong (인사동/仁寺洞: kind, temple, neighbourhood) among the top 5 attractions to visit in Seoul. On the onset, busy retail and street life along the Insadong strip has the […]


“Lets just dump them in the Han River,” the American military doctor tells Mr. Kim in the opening scene of the Bong Joon-ho directed film, The Host (괴물). “Pour them into the sink. Empty every bottle to the very last drop. And that’s an order.” The 2006 action […]

Kind River Airport

Incheon [인천/仁川: kindness, river] International Airport lends the feeling of a phantasmagorical realm: it’s a liminal place where I’m both awake and lucid dreaming. I anticipate exotic subway systems as my flight taxis into the arrivals gate. Likewise, the sights and sounds of karaoke venues and Hof and […]

South Mountain Tower

Whether you turn a street corner or look out a window, Namsan Seoul Tower (남산서울타워)  rules the skyline. Its appearance varies depending on perspective but it’s always there. Like it or not, the tower is tagging along wherever your destination in the city. Should you stumble out an […]