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Product Placement in Kdramas

Prime Minister and I: Nam Da Jung walks into a Subway to attend a meeting of the wives, where she heartily chomps down on a Subway sandwich. The Greatest Love: No one drank anything but Vitamin Water, and being the celebrity printed on the bottle was pretty much […]

Samsung Reveals New Galaxy S5

Samsung CEO, J.K. Shin, holding the new Galaxy S5 mobile phone. The Mobile World Congress is the largest mobile industry exhibition in the world, and is held yearly to showcase new products, features, networking opportunities, and holds a four-day exposition. At this year’s Mobile World Congress, which was […]

Korea starts 5G implementation plan

Move over, LTE. 5G is coming. It’s an understatement to say that smartphones are everywhere in Korea. As a fellow blogger noted in 3 Funny Things about K-Dramas, even the poorest character would have the latest smartphone. It’s not that unrealistic actually, with Korea boasting a 97.7% saturation […]

5 Game-changing Korean Marketing Campaigns of 2012

5 Award-winning Korean Marketing Campaigns of 2012  Recently, having to relearn all the SNS channels in China (Renren for facebook, Baidu for Google and 20 other channels), I am first-handedly experiencing the painful importance of localization when it comes to marketing. I remember reading a book written by […]