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Hanboks are Cool Again

A hanbok is traditional Korean attire that is worn on special occasions. Children will wear a hanbok on their first birthday, and adults will wear it at their wedding, 60th birthday, funerals, festive days, and religious ceremonies. For a woman a hanbok consists of a high-waisted skirt, and […]

Share a Drink with Drinky the Robot

While alone on Christmas, Park Eun Chan, found himself drinking and lonely. He poured a shot, pretended to toast to an imaginary friend, and it made him feel better. It was like he was actually drinking with a friend, his mood improved, and he said the soju even […]

Canadian Craft Beer is Popular in South Korea

Canadian craft beer brewery, Mission Springs Brewing Company, has found it’s audience all the way in South Korea. Co-owners Brock Rodgers and Ken Brookes opened Mission Springs Pub in British Columbia, Canada in 1988. While the company grew they added a brewery and restaurant in 1996. Currently, Mission […]

Korean Slang for Beginners

Korean slang is a popular topic on this blog. It seems that many people all over the world want to learn Korean slang, and come to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Canada’s blog for helpful tips. The following videos, photos, and text will be an […]

Americans Try K-Pop Dance Moves

Buzzfeed is a pop culture website that offers news, quizzes, and social commentary on all things entertainment, politics, food, music, travel and the like. Buzzfeed offers fun videos of their staff eating food from different countries, reviews, facts, and trying things out of their comfort zone. This leads […]

Sandra Oh to Leave Grey’s Anatomy

Dr. Cristina Yang is played by Canadian/Korean actress, Sandra Oh. Sandra Oh will be leaving the hit TV show, Grey’s Anatomy after ten seasons. Oh currently plays Dr. Cristina Yang, who is a cardiothoracic surgical fellow and best friend to main character, Meredith Grey. Yang is of Korean […]

Avengers: Age of Ultron to be Filmed in Seoul

Avengers: Age of Ulton Teaser Promotional Poster. The Korean Film Council, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Tourism Organization, Seoul Film Commission, Gyeonggi Film Commission, Goyang Industry Promotion Industry and Marvel Studios will be signing a memorandum of agreement next week for shooting locations, traffic control, support, dates, […]

Nike Debuts South Korea World Cup Jersey

The official Korea World Cup 2014 jersey. Nike and the Korea Football Association debuted the home jersey that will be worn by the Korean National Soccer Team at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Nike was inspired by the Taegeuk (the yin and yang symbol in the middle of […]

Samsung Reveals New Galaxy S5

Samsung CEO, J.K. Shin, holding the new Galaxy S5 mobile phone. The Mobile World Congress is the largest mobile industry exhibition in the world, and is held yearly to showcase new products, features, networking opportunities, and holds a four-day exposition. At this year’s Mobile World Congress, which was […]

Sochi Passes Olympic Flag to Pyeongchang

Today was the last day of The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, which was marked with a closing ceremony bursting with Russia’s colours, a tribute to Tolstoy, ballet performances by The Bolshoi Ballet company, and a spectacular fireworks show. During the closing ceremony of the Olympics, it is tradition […]